Through my eyes at the age of seven

Through my eyes at the age of seven

My journey through the art of photography began professionally in 2015.

However, on the 22nd of August in the distant 2004 when I was only seven years old, the artistic “virus” already existed inside me. The photos above were taken by me at the wedding of close relatives, during which I had decided to unfold my “talent”. Of course as you can all see, ot better yet can’t see, no one in the family was able to see the groom’s face through my photos. I recall holding a ZENITH camera throughout all the celebrations and running out of film, as I took photos of the couple from their preparations to the wedding party.

So today, based on these undeniable clues, I count 18+ years as a wedding photographer. Obviously, I’m now more evolved and don’t cut off heads in my photos.

With the same love now that I had then, I capture moments and emotions that remain etched through time. So this is my own personal perception of photography.

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